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How it works

This post, hopefully, is to give our current and future customers a more comprehensive understanding of what we do and who we are.

Unlike many food/farm box programs, we actually are the first and last hands to touch your food prior to you receiving it. What that means to you is that you get the freshest and best value on organically grown goods on the market.

We are however a small family operation so, with quality of product in mind, we would like your purchase to be very personal. We have some customizations that will help with this, and for this reason the How It Works program is very important to us!


How it Works

Step 1: Choose a log in name and password then fill out our Customer Questionnaire so that we can understand your preferences, likes/dislikes, health goals, and other useful information.

Step 2: Begin shopping by choosing a box that best suits your needs. There are a number of box styles and sizes. In the description section of each box it will contain the amount of items and the estimation of how many it will feed.


Step 3: Choose a weekly or bi-weekly FarmBox

Subscription Page

Step 4: Shop through our other department for extra goodies such as meats, drinks, dried goods, etc.

Step 5: During checkout, choose a Drop off or Pick up>>>

Step 6: Wait for one of our Fabulous Farm Reps to make your day..... Enjoy!

Step 7: Look for updates, including recipes, on our Blog page and give us Feedback. Please remember to order as soon as possible for the sake of availability. Orders must be received a minimum of 2 days before the delivery date. Exceptions cannot always be counted on.

Blog Page


Again!!! If you're picking up at one of our markets indicate which market that you intend to pick up at (pick up locations are in the link below). We DO NOT charge for Farmers Market Deliveries. Contact us for home or office deliveries..


We cannot Deliver Meats or Fresh Fruits and Veggies by mail.

We can Deliver Coffees, Teas, Grain, Flour, Incense, Accessories, etc. by mail

All Orders Over $100 per drop - Free Shipping

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